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Weekly fic challenges for any Doctor Who or Torchwood slash pairing
What is it? This community is dedicated to inspiring your slash fanfiction for Torchwood, New and Classic Who!

When are challenges issued? On the ides of every month. (That's the 15th)

Are there deadlines? No deadlines. If you feel like writing for a prompt/challenge that was posted weeks or months ago, feel free! To see the challenges that have been put up so far, see the community tags, which are listed down the side of the journal.

Can I post multiple fics for a single challenge? Yes, of course!

Is there a word limit?. No. Post anything from a drabble to a novel. With no deadlines, you don’t need to rush.

What are the rules for posting? I’m so glad you asked. Please read these rules before posting! (They’re not that scary, I promise.)

1.) All posts must be fanfiction that is slash oriented. That is, m/m or f/f. Threesomes are acceptable so long as the there is a dominant presence of slash. Fiction with graphics is acceptable, as well, so long as there’s text of some sort.

2.) Please keep all posts responses to the challenges.

3.) Goes without saying that there shall be No Flaming or you will be cast out of our slashy paradise.

4.) When posting, please you use this template -

Pairing: (Who's getting down in your fic?)
Challenge: (The challenge you're responding to)
Rating: (I know this isn't always clear. If you're not sure, rate it high to be safe. You can always change it later.)
Warnings: (Here you list things that you story contains which might offend some people. Remember people have issues with different kinks, so be considerate and list the possible squicky things about your story. Not that I'm assuming we're all going to be posting porn...)
Spoilers: (Not only does this save people from being spoiled, it also gives readers an idea of where you're setting your story. Bear in mind that people watch DW and TW at different speeds. Just a "spoilers up to and including 'this episode'" will be fine.)

After that, it's just a case of putting in an lj-cut or link to your challenge response. If you're not sure how to do that or if you have any questions regarding the comm, feel free to comment on a mod post here or anywhere on my personal LJ - shinodabear. I should get back to you promptly.

You can post your stories for this community on your own journal as well, or other communities, but be sure to mention it was written for this comm. Hopefully that will draw more people into the party.

Are they tags? Yes. You must tag your entries. There are only two, so it’s simple:
Just 2 separate types of tags to keep it simple, yet make it easier for people to find the stories that interest them.: 'challenge: name of challenge' and 'characters: separate tag for each MAIN character'

So if I wrote a story that was Ten/Jack and also Ianto/Jack for a 'coat' challenge, my tags would be: 'challenge: coat', 'characters: ianto jones', 'characters: jack harkness', 'characters: tenth doctor' *

*Note that there are individual tags for different Masters and Doctors. There are also (other) tags for any who do not fit into a particular category. Separating them makes it easier for readers.

If that's not clear, ask me to explain it better. I'll be happy to. Also be aware that you can only use existing tags. I will put any new tags on as they are necessary. It helps me keep track of things. If you want to request a new tag, please do so at this post.

So there we have it! I'll be posting prompts every Monday. If you want to request a new challenge idea, feel free to do so at this post.

Many thanks to sarkywoman and nightrider101

Note: This comm is no longer active. If you wish to take over as moderator, PM me. Feel free to respond to existing challenges.

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